Neighbors Dog Got a Hen!!!!!

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    May 20, 2008
    Our neighbor has a retriever that is , I believe, just over a year old. As they were bringing her inside, she saw the chickens(3 month old RSL), and got loose and grabbed one. Neighbor said he had to pry open the dogs mouth to get it to release the chicken, and said that dog had chicken mostly by the wing.
    So I went out, and at first, I couldnt even tell which chicken it was. I noticed one didnt come running toward me, but then again, 1 of them still doesnt, and I cant yet tell 2 of them apart. I checked over the other 4, then went for the one that was standing back.
    I examined her as close as I could- she wouldnt let me touch her, but I can see missing feathers on her wings. Mostly the short downy ones, but a few big ones were missing. No blood. She was not walking much, just kinda hanging off in the bushes by herself. I let her rest for a while cause it was hot, and kept going to check on her. She wasnt moving around alot, but she is walking fine. She keeps standing on one foot, but she changes feet.- in other words shes putting full weight on both legs, but I dont know if the lifting foot is a symptom of anything, or a normal chicken behaviour. I finally shooed her out of the bushes, and she was drinking, and pecking the ground, and even a little scratching, but still didnt go far, while her sisters were running all over the yard and the other neighbors yard.She's just peeping in such a sad little voice . I did see her lift both wings a little bit as if she was going to flap, but she just lifted them slightly for a second. I'm afraid to grab her in case I cause her pain.
    I know there are bones in the wings- are they fairly flexible, or do they break easily?

    So what should I be looking for? How will I know if shes in pain? Is there anything I can give her if she might be in pain? Will the trauma cause her to act different? How will I know what behviour is just trauma related, and what is possible injury?
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    She is probably just in shock. I'd leave her be for over night and check again in the morning.

    They are very resiliant. Unless you see an actual protrusion of the bone through the skin or a very evident break (wing is dangling, etc) Then I'd just leave her alone to heal, and keep a close eye on her.

    If it was a leg, then it'd be a different story, but obviously the wings aren't as crucial for quality of life, even if it has been injured by the dog.

    Hope she perks up for you!

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