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Nov 28, 2012
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my neighbors dog which is a basset hound keeps coming in my yard. they use to have it closed up in a run but he made a hole and now they just keep it outside on their closed in patio area, but this dog is still escaping that. we have asked them tie it up, but it still comes around. i have tried putting pepper on the ground where he seems to be getting in. my land is fenced off but i need to finish the front of the land when i get the money to. anyone have any advice on other ways to keep him out?
It is the responsibility of the owner of the dog to keep it out of your yard. If there is a law in your area requiring controlling the dog, that may be an avenue to pursue.

I would start by talking to the owner to emphasize the importance of the dog staying out of your yard. Apparently you are concerned about the dog posing a risk to your chickens. I would be so concerned as well. The owners of the dog might not be pleased at replacing chickens at $40 each.

An electric fence might be an option. After the dog gets popped a couple of times, it might stay away.

If your chickens don't forage in the yard, make sure your coop is Fort Knox.

Personally, and this js just based off of my own experiences with neighbors and their dogs, I would skip talkin to them at all. Most people seem to think its perfectly acceptable to allow their dogs to roam. They also seem to think that Fido just can do any wrong. I've gotten alot of "oh, xxxx is such a sweet boy, he'd never hurt a fly" and then their dog wipes out most of my flock or someone elses. Call Animal Control and let them have the talk with your neighbor. If there's a leash law where you live, they'll explain that to them and the repercussions if they don't abide by them. It seems to hit home alot more if "the talk" comes from someone wearing a badge. Good luck, hopefully you get that fence finished soon and it all becomes a non issue :)
Its legal to shoot a dog here that is going after live stock. Reminding neighbors of this and or having animal control remind them seems to work very well.

Find out the laws in your area as this will be your friend in most cases.
I have to roundly support the electric fence idea. You can do it yourself pretty cheaply with stuff from TSC or Home Depot depending on how far you need - I think ours cost about $50 all told (and I'm rounding up). We have a Houidini dog and it only took him one zap to stop challenging the fence. If you can just string it where the dog usually comes through, on your side of the property, and they get a zap to the snout, your problem would likely go away very quickly!

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