Neighbor's dogs killed all but one of my chickens!!



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May 22, 2018
My neighbor's dogs broke into my fence and destroyed all but one hen in my perfect little flock that has taken me almost 3 years to develop. They are willing to compensate me financially but I don't know how much to ask. Sure, they were inexpensive when I bought them as chicks but they would certainly cost more as mature birds. We all know how much time and expense goes into raising healthy happy chickens. And I am devastated! It was really traumatic. Any advice?
I would ask a minimum $25/bird. I know that’s not much in the grand scheme of things - it definitely doesn’t compensate for time, effort, feed, etc. put into raising a flock of chickens, but I think it would be hard to get much more than that out of them. I am glad that they are willing to pay for damages. Not all would do so.
I am sorry for your losses!

You could estimate all the costs you will have to replace the killed birds, including time and effort to find them, gasoline or shipping costs etc.
Don't forget to add the damaged/broken down fences to the list and the cost of labour to replace them.

Did you have any special breeds?
I am so sorry for your loss.
What breeds did you have?
I had 3 Belgian D'uccles one of which was a Porcelain hen, one Frizzled Mille Fleur hen and a Mille Rooster.
One Copper Maran hen.
One Frizzled Cochin Bantam Rooster.
2 Silkies a hen and roo.
And 2 Standard Blue Cochin Hens.
The only survivor is a Splash Cochin hen and she was attacked. She will live but is very depressed and needs a friend or two ASAP.
Welcome! I'm so sorry for your losses!
I agree with @LaFleche ; cost of fencing, birds of comparable quality either to buy or the total costs involved in raising replacements (whichever is higher), all that. And expect better containment for their dogs! Consider filing a report with AC anyway, or at least document everything, including photos. Those dogs will return if they can!
Also, rethink your fencing, and add electric if it's legal where you live.
I hope your one survivor can make it!
All the best,
Legally you're owed the replacement cost of the birds - so what it would cost for you to purchase a bird of same breed, gender and age, plus most likely any costs you'd incur to repair damage done to any structures (i.e. the dog tore through and damaged a fence). The neighbors may be willing to chip in a little more to say sorry.

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