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Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by ncCHICKS, Nov 27, 2008.

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    Oct 5, 2008
    Hope Mills, NC
    I just finished my coop. The neighbors dogs are eying the chickens. I made it predator proof, but they are pulling at the chainlink. My chicks are scared to death. I took the dogs to the neighbors 5! times. I told them if they got in my yard again, they'd be picking them up at the pound. (I hate how they don't take teens seriously!) So I called animal control and they came out. They didn't do anything! They said that an adult had to be home (moms on a business trip) That's so messed up. I locked the chickens into the coop, locked the coop w/combination lock and rigged the coop with wire fence so they can't tear at the plywood. There is a pit bull, mutt, shepherd, and a great dane. I'm sorry but ALL those dogs will do whatever they can to get what they want. I am contemplating taking them into the house and putting them in the tub *sliding glass doors* Why won't they do anything!

    (p.s. the OTHER neighbor said that if they came over again to take them to his house and he'd call animal control and say he was at the house *he is right now* He's the one I'm supposed to go to if something goes wrong. He has a heeler mom gave me (wasn't ready for another dog) and that pup loves to watch them, but knows to not touch. )
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    I had the same problem and had a duck for 9 years and came home one day with the yard covered in feathers. So I drove my bike around the neighborhood and found the neighbor who had feathers all over his own yard, I tried to find the body but I think they thru it away, what do they think Im stupid? The feathers are MY duck's in THEIR yard! I called animal control and they had no prob putting a notice on their door.
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    Jan 26, 2008
    I would definately put the chickens away till this can be resolved. I would heat the fence HOT. Let em get a good zap for their trouble. Big dogs can eat their way through chain link. Are you in the city? I am in the country and my neighbors dogs kill birds and rabbits on my property all the time. I do not let my chickens out of their run unless we are out with them. Some neighbors just suck. It is wrong that we have to pay on our property for their lack of care on theirs, but sometimes that's just how it is. I know that a couple of wild dogs when I am not home could destroy everything my hubby and I have worked hard to build. I called the sherrif once for a strange dog that grabbed one of my chickens and they told me to defend my property by any means necessary. I could legally shoot anything on my property that was threatening. I know a farmer out here who literally hunted down the pack of dogs that got into his goats. It's not a fun situation.

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