Neighbors Killing Chickens?

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    I was outside feeding and playing with my hen, Raven. I heard clucking over the fence and went over to peek through the fence. I saw this woman and man holding a hen. She was held by her legs and panicking. They took out a tape measurer and slapped her head and dunking her head in boiling water. I head the sound of plates and saw another hen on one. She was already dead with half her feathers plucked out. I saw a box in the corner that said 'EGGS'. It started raining so I didn't get the chance to see anything else.

    What should I do? I don't know how they got the idea of getting chickens. I know that chickens can be slaughtered in CA, but the hens are suffering more than they should. What should I do??!
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    That's a pretty unconventional way of slaughtering, but really, that's what It sounds like to me they were doing. Knock out the bird then kill it, then dunk in hot water to loosen fathers, then pluck.

    I'm more concerned that you are "spying" on your neighbor! Perhaps you should mind your own business?

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