Neighbors, neighbors, neighbors (yes, longwinded rant)

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by Zahboo, May 19, 2010.

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    Feb 3, 2009
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    So would you handle it?

    I live on 2 acres of land, neighbors on the left and right, road to the front, crop field to the back. This neighbor just will not stop! We have issues with both.

    The neighbor on the left is just ignorant. Well I don't know why your 20+ pit bulls, mixes, crosses, and various other dogs can't run through my yard, digging into our fences, our trash and killing our barn cat. I mean I just don't understand why we'd get ticked at this! How stupid we are. 5 calls to Animal Control were placed. Each time, we'll head there now if animal is on you're property, contain him to avoid further damage blah blah blah. They come and all they do is take the dog(s) from our yard back to their home, no citation, they laugh and all! Turns out they are friends with the officers!!! So the next time we catch the dog and TAKE them to animal control. How dificult it was to fit 6 dogs in the back of a pickup truck in all our crates securely. The owners weren't even home. The lady tried saying we stole her dogs. If they just walked through the yard to the field maybe it wouldn't be bad. But they try to tear into the chicken yard, and I can't have that. I told the lady once, a murdered chicken equals a dead dog, I don't care if it's you're favorite pup, my favorite birds or just an extra. Of course she got ticked, but this is after catching her dogs in my chicken yard (The chickens are in a pen inside a chainlink fence. We tell them when there dogs are over there, they MIGHT send the kid over to fill in holes they dig, or pick up trash they destroy. Finally they got a citation for not obeying the leash law. So now they have AT LEAST 22 dogs that I'VE seen myself on our property line on short chains/tie outs. It's illegal to tie a dog for more than 3 hours now in our county, but I don't feel like picking a fight as long as their dogs stay, but now they've started letting their dogs run loose for a few hours every day. I understand it's the country but COME ON!

    The other neigbor is a nosey rosey. She will crane her neck, sometimes stepping into our yard to look at the dogs and chickens. Yes I have roosters, yes I let the neighbors know before I got them and she said she'd LVOE to hear a rooster in the morning. Evidently she thought they ONLY crow in the morning. They are locked up at night until about 7, so I don't see the big deal. We only have 2 crowers, the others are either hens or too young. She came over tonight saying "You're rooster is disturbing my dinner" I thought somehow he got out and was in her yard or something! Nope, in the coop already roosting. So I got back to her and ask how is a rooster interupting her. "He's crowing". Well DUH he's a rooster. She said to get rid of him or she could try to find him a home. I not so politley hinted that I don't think that'd go over well, not in the LEAST bit. So she rolls her eyes and proceeds to her property, just to come back in about 20 minutes while I'm eating dinner. Beating on the door I go answer it just to sigh when it's her. She asks to see my coop, I deny. She says that she has her windows open and can hear him (The rooster is maybe 20 ft from the window, which is open and I can BARELY hear him, it's not crowing they are just cackling over treats they were given) I tell her he's a chicken, it's the country, and neither of those things are changing. She said I was "Intolerable" and was flustered. She then asked to see my mom, mom repeated pretty much the same thing. She stormed down the steps and I heard her say she'd get rid of him and I lost it miniversion. I started with I hope you ever lay a pinkey on my birds and exploded when she turned around and rolled her eyes. Maybe from a 10 year old but a GROWN WOMAN??? I am NOT allowing my birds to scratch in her garden, my birds are AT LEAST 300 feet from her yard, MUCH LESS HER HOUSE. I just couldn't believe it. I told her that if I had a bird go missing I sure hope she said her prayers.

    I just don't understand what's the big deal about TWO BANTAM ROOSTERS! They aren't THAT loud. I can barely hear them anymore and they are quieter than dogs barking. I just feel like stamping on their forehead Welcome to the country sweetheart. I know it's just my luck to have double doozies as neighbors, but it sucks. We keep the coop clean, our birds out of sight out of mind so they don't bother neigbors, no fly issue, and its not like I am running a hatchery! an 8x8 building OMG We're all going to die.
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    If your neighbor is being so pushy about the roos, if I were you I would get some padlocks for my pens in case she trys to steal them or let them loose.
  3. LuggNutt

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    Sep 8, 2009
    I would also make sure that your property is posted No Tresspassing. That will give you legal recorse if nosey one decides to visit. Inform her she is trespassing and then call the cops the next time. Dot your I's and cross your T's. These type of people are stupid when it comes to the law and will give you all the amunition you need. Document every encounter. Set up game cams to catch dogs and people in the act. Then haul them into court if need be. Let the sheriff know you have had stangers creeping around your house, they will do drive bys for a week or so. That often settles people down if they see cops driving by at random.
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    Is there a hoa or covenenants or are you part of a city that doesn't allow chickens or roosters? If you are legal tell her to pound sand. As far as the neighbor with 20 pits and pit mixes, only one reason I can see for having that many (outside of someone breeding show animals and it sounds like these are not), call one of those nosey reporters and get them on it.
  5. bakerjw

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    Apr 14, 2010
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    God I hate city dwellers who move to the country. I didn't have chickens when I lived back in Illinois but I remember a stink being put up by people that moved out into the country suburbs about the smells and noises of the farms.

    May want to invest in an ethernet camera. Most have software that will do time lapse photography or record when the image changes. Like when Nosey neighbor sneaks over while you are all gone to take a roo.
  6. dawg53

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    Nov 27, 2008
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    The neighbor on the left....I recommend that you have no further contact with them and get a court order to keep their dogs off your property. Animal control cant avoid a court order. The neighbor on the right...If your property is either zoned agricultural residential or agricultural (varies state to state), then you are allowed to have farm animals. Check your local zoning ordnances. It's possible she could take you to court for nuisance crowing, however with zoning on your side and only 2 roosters...she doesnt have a leg to stand on. I recommend you avoid contact with her also.
  7. jenni2142

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    Jul 16, 2008
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    As for the neighbor with the dogs, first when you call animal control take it out of their hands and say you wish to press charges. Most of the time they won't do it unless you insist, it is a misdemeanor here for dog at large so maybe call sheriff too. It is also legal here to shoot them for "worrying" livestock or poultry. These bare county laws, not city. Digging holes, tearing up fences is all destruction of property. If it killed a cat-vicious animal. If it growls at you vicious dog and you can put it down, aim for the chest. Pits can be wonderful additions to the family IF properly trained and cared for, sounds like these are not. If you have children be extra careful. I had a loose pit mix turn from chasing my bird to me after I shot it, shouldn't have aimed for the head. Keep a log, take pics, same with the nosy old bat on the other side. A lock on your coop is your friend. I would also look into the amount of dogs it is legal to keep there, most places have a limit especially for pits. Why would they have so many? Are they breeders or run a kennel, if they are is it zoned for business? do they have the proper permits? It is amazing how many people that live in the country don't realize there are all kinds of laws about these things.
  8. arch_cpj

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    Mar 19, 2010
    medina county
    OK my two cents first I really hate city folks who move to the country and dont like the country we had a guy grump about us combining at night called the sheriff well we fixed that every sunday morning at 6 AM we spread manure on the field next to his house... After a month he asked when wed be done and our response well we dont know we can go all year and havent heard am apology from you yet!!!!!!! he shut up after a couple more days and hasnt been a problem since.... now as for your issue as others said I HIGHLY RECCOMMEND you go and get paddlock it should have been on 10 minutes after she left!!!!! Next talk to your fols and post the property very clearly if she crosses it again you call the sheriff no ifs ands or buts. Next go and spend a bit on a game cam walmart or other places have em for 75 - 100 dollars put it on the coop where it can see the front approach dont worry about hiding it she dont know what it is likely... Now for the dogs 2 or 3 strands of electric fence will solve it quick go to TSC if you use 5.5 foot t - posts for the corners and the step in posts for line posts you can make a nice lookin electric fence TSC sells little white plastic tensioners... 4 strands will keep them out get the 40 dollar fencer.... Unfortunately to solve this problem will cost you 250 - 300 bucks but the solution is pretty much permanant...

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