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    I noticed my neighbor's rooster in my yard this morning. When I went out to check on my chickens a little later, I noticed my Roo just sleeping on the grass. When I approached him, he didn't move. That is when I noticed that he can't open his eye. I'm too afraid to try to open it because I don't want to see what it looks like. But now I think he & my neighbor's roo probably fought & either his eye is gone or injured so badly he can't open his eye. I have moved him to where my neighbor's Roo can't get him. And it just seems like all he wants to do is lay down & sleep. Has anyone ever had anything like this happen? And is there anything I can do to treat it?
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    Welcome to the site. Sorry `bout your guy.

    Did you look him over for other injuries (abrasions/lacerations) on chest and along flanks? Is he up and walking at all, now? Sometimes when a roo gets whipped their pride takes a bigger toll on them than the physical injury and they can act pretty depressed.

    You'll have to check the eye (punctured/scratched/etc.), so hold him close and open lids (don't touch the lids over eye itself push back lightly just below and above eye).

    Plain aspirin (only) can be used in water if he appears to be in pain (5 325mg. per gallon - 2.75 tabs of 81mg. tabs in pint of water).

    You can use plain saline eyedrops to rinse off the eye. If the eyeball itself is injured you can use this:

    be available at pet or feedstore.

    Good luck!
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    Sep 23, 2008
    Lehi, UT
    Thank you for your reply & welcome. I did look the rest of him over & he is fine. I did get brave & just went out to see if I could get his eye open. But I can't. He doesn't appear to mind when I try to open it. So I don't think he is in pain. His eye is swollen up & there is blood in the slit where it would open. I'm wondering if the blood has dried & that's why I can't get it open. I do have some natural tears from when I had lasik. I am going to see if I can't "soak" his eye to get the dried blood off & then get it to open. He is fine otherwise. When I put him down, he went over to get some water. And I did put his favorite hen in with him to keep him company.
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    Usually when roosters fight- they scratch each other up with their spurs and beaks, a rooster beaten up rooster usuallly will have injuries and missing feathers in their chest area. Legs and spurs might be banged up and bloody. Often pecked combs, and other head injuries. Probably lots of feathers lying around as well. If your rooster looks totally fine except for a puffy eye- you may have had a hawk attack, a rooster that ran into something, or even a respiratory infection.

    If he is usually a spirited bird, and all he wants to do right now is lay down and sleep- he is either in shock, or has more injuries that you haven't found. If you cannot take him somewhere for professional help, all you can really do is what you are already doing- keep him warm, safe, separate him from unfriendlies, bring food and water close, and try to get a better look at the eye. It may be that his eyeball is fine underneath, and the lids are swollen due to trauma. I had a hawk attack a hen and had similar injuries to the side of her head/eyelid. She did fine with a few days of rest and pampering.

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