Neighbors rooster.

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  1. zgrower

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    Jun 14, 2008
    I have some RIR pullets that I have gotten into the habit of letting free range. I should actually say they have gotten into the habit of wanting to free range, I have to be carefull when I open the run in the mornings, to fill the feeders, not to let them out. And this from chicks who took forever to decide to come out in the first place. But on to my question. I have a neighbor, not exactly close but I can sure hear his rooster crow. My question is, will my hens be attacted to his crowing? Right now my chickens are about as noisy as a church mouse. (10 - 15 weeks old mostly) As they age i know they will make more noise. Will my neighbors rooster be attracted to my hens? There are some pretty thick woods between us, more than 100 yards easy. But not nearly enough to muffle the sound of his rooster. I have no idea what type of chicken or how many he has. I dont evan know if they are in a pen or free range.
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    I'd say if the rooster isn't in a run and free ranges you will have a visitor or your hens might go for a visit too.... [​IMG]
  3. Gosh since last week we have a ring-neck pheasant rooster visiting the outside of our run and the girls are only 6 weeks old!

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