Neighbors unhygienic animals won't stay out of my yard and I'm worried it's making my chickens s

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    Mar 11, 2018
    Hello I live in Warren Oregon and I have a bit of an issue with a next-door neighbor of mine who has 26-28 animals on 2 acres of land, and they never clean up any feces from any of the animals including two very large pigs something like 11 or 12 chickens currently, three dogs ,three cats, a duck, etcetera Etc. well I have asked this neighbor many times politely to keep their chickens in their yard. at first it was because they'd come in my yard and mowed down my garden along with any flower seeds my dad planted. and my neighbor totally ignores my request. as of recently one of my beloved chickens got very ill I suspected from her chickens coming in my yard. I let my chickens free roam for about an hour and a half a day but I'm with them the whole time and they run around and have their birdie time and have fun and eat things. now I have realized I should be more concerned over her chickens coming in my yarn because her chickens are constantly walking through heaps of pig poo and I've seen dead animals over there and the conditions that they have are just pretty gross honestly most of the time. this person has bought probably 75 chickens over the course of four years and has 11 or 12. they all died from lack of proper care. And when they die she just lets them lay where they die. Twice in the last year they have purchased two groups of little chicks and just released them in their yard and they get eaten by all kinds of animals which is horrifying to me. I've fenced off my yard as best I can but they just go around the street and come in my front yard to my driveway. I would appreciate it if anybody has any suggestions as to what I can do keeping in mind this woman is unreasonable and flipped out on me for putting chicken wire on the property line fence saying she was going to call the cops on me for breaking the law and touching her vents I don't think she really likes the fact that our chickens come in my yard all the time and it bothers me any advice anybody can offer in any kind will be most appreciated I don't want my chickens to get sick again I don't want to lose them I love them thank you
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  2. Fence them out, trap and dispatch them.

    Good luck

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  3. A_Fowl_Guy

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    I would contact animal control or your local law enforcement agency.
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    Animal control.
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    Start trapping them and turning them into animal control. Sounds like they'd be better off, there. Also call animal control on your neighbors.
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    I’d definitely call animal control, if it’s as bad as you say they may even investigate for animal cruelty.
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    Call the sheriff and report it. They will get charged with animal at large.
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    I think it's important for you to know your local laws in this case. While I'm generally not a fan of calling animal control on anyone, it sounds like this person needs to reconsider her life choices.
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    Geez that's terrible. If all else fails call the health dept. Sounds like a public health problem as well as an animal abuse situation. Good luck to you, I hope you can get some help!
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    I think animal control should be a last resort, but here I think it is warranted. People need to keep their animals on their property, period. Dogs, cats, chickens, whatever. And the fact that the conditions are so terrible over there, God knows what diseases those animals could give to yours.
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