Neighbors..........We can never choose the ones we want


13 Years
Jun 20, 2009
Orange County, NY
We almost always get along with everyone we know - however, why is it the next door neighbors seem to think we can read their minds?? They turn their heads when we come up the road, give us the cold shoulder, and expect us to know WHY?
And for whatever reason, we are supposed to always be WRONG?
This is the third time our neighbor (or mainly the wife) has expected us know why they are doing this - we stopped trying and just ignore them
The thing is, we don't really talk to them expect hi and bye, since we share the road with just the two of us. One time, she drove my husband right off the side of the road. We haven't figured out why, though it usually happens after we get a UPS or Fedex delivery. I honestly assume it's because they don't want anyone on the road WE share except when they are expecting something. I really think she gets mad when people come to the house when we are not home to make deliveries. Funny, she said she has all her UPS deliveries sent to another address, the next day, she had one come right to her front door.
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WOW! Ran your hubby off the road? This woman has issues.....

I think I would have notified the Police about that one.

Sorry about the neighbor situation; I have similar neighbors on our other side and we just live ignoring each other....... but some people just can't be satisfied with that.

Just a suggestion.
when I have people treat me that way, and I have no idea why, I don't treat them any differently than I did before. I still wave, say hi, smile, and just keep on doing what I always did. Maybe, if you keep the door open, your neighbors will someday explain what's going on with them. Or, you could always just go over and ask them.
I've done both, you know, kill them with kindness approach, again, they turn their heads. The other, asking them, just gave me an "What are you doing here" attitude. So, now, we continue on our way. Yes, if she had done that to me, rode me off the rode instead of DH, I would have called police. He, on the other hand, wanted to take the high road and chose to ignore it because she's a LADY. Not me. I would have kicked her but.
heh, you're in Orange Co, NY? I am in Pike Co, PA... we have freaky neighbors, too.... must be something in the water around here.

Our one neighbor we were getting along fine with until we started residing and insulating our house. I'd like to think it's not envy, but I have a strange feeling it is. It's mostly the wife.
I guess i have a different type of mind set..or maybe its just a bad attitude that i have..

But, Why care? I would not give it a second thought. Youre not close to them..
Dont stress about it. Just ignore them..and go about your life..

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