Nervous Duck-Mom-to-be


Apr 6, 2010
Wake County, NC
My 10 Runner eggs are supposed to hatch on the 12th. They seem to be developing well....nice air space.....movement, etc. However, I noticed a couple of them pushing into to the airspace today. I can tell that they are still in the membrane, because it looks like they are kicking under a blanket. It has made me a little nervous. Is this normal? Are they getting ready to pip. And if so, are we close enough to the due date that they will likely be ok?
I always see movement at the base of the air cell. I like the way you describe it as looking like kicking under a blanket...Very cute to picture the little ones doing that. By this stage they are all tucked up with not much room to move- but seeing what you have is a very positive sign that they are getting ready to hatch.

I can see that kind of movement as much as a week before they actually hatch. Only very slight at first- but by the time they go into lockdown- that is what I look for to ensure the baby is still alive. Of course- if they are positioned wrong in the egg- you may not see any movement there- so its not always an accurate way of telling which eggs are still alive. They can take 48 hours or pore from breaking into the aircell til they hatch- so dont worry about them being way to early.
Thanks! I can't believe how nervous I am over ducklings, but these are my first. They are still trying to kick their blankies off this morning.

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