Nervous duck mommy--first time out tonight!


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Mar 22, 2015
If someone could ease my fears, please do! The girls (and a couple boys) are out for the first time tonight in their duck house. It's fully framed/wood and on a concrete slab. The only cracks are those between the door and the frame, which are only about a half inch to 3/4 inch wide, but have been covered with hardware cloth anyway. The entire thing is surrounded by a chicken wire fence (it's going to have more fencing put on it, but it's in progress). They are all locked away in the house...but I am so nervous!

Does everyone feel this way the first night? haha
I have been raising animals for many years, and I am still always nervous on their first night out, or their first night at my place. I honor that anxiety -- it is indicative of genuine concern for the animals in our care. I'm sure you'll all be fine in the morning :)
Yep. It's nerve-wracking for all of us!

It sounds like you have them in a really safe, predator-proof house. They should be just fine.
Thanks to you both--wish i saw these responses before morning lol--but it IS morning now, and all 56 birds are just fine :) they were all snuggling comfortably and are currently choosing to hang out in their temporary outdoor run.

The hardware cloth is going up over the chicken wire today so I think i'll feel better tonight!
If you're not nervous, you don't love em, you're doing great!!!!

We just put 3 Pekin babies outside yesterday in a small penned in area with lil house and pool and when I went out this morning to open it up, realized I never closed it up last night DOH! Talk about a quick cold chill...

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