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Discussion in 'Ducks' started by tantriesducks, Mar 31, 2016.

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    I'm a brand new duck mom as of an hour ago. Been reading for a year and we finally jumped in. Wanted Khaki Campbell's but the store only carries "assorted ducklings". I am confident that we got one Khaki; the others are mysteries. Sigh. Does this setup look ok to y'all? I'm worried that my pine shavings may be too small. Or that I'm crazy and just made a scary mistake... I feel like I did when my first child was born! Ha ha I think I may be crazy.Reassurance appreciated!
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    Ducklings are going to destroy any place you put them in, best thing to do is keep it as clean as possible, I don't use pine shaving for my brooder I used a thick layer of paper towels and change it every few hours, I think it keeps it pretty clean this way. A lot of people love using pine shavings I just think that it gets too messy.

    It looks like a good set up just be sure that the water is deep enough for the ducks to clean out their nares and clean their eyes just in case.
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