Nest Box + Hay = Crazy Get Ready To Lay Time!!! +++ Another Thingy


9 Years
Jan 1, 2011
Altoona, Wisconsin
First Story:

I added hay to the nest box and soon enough all the ready to lay pullets hopped in and fixed it up by throwing some away to the back and pushing around. One hen, the first to sit on the hay and got everyone crazy was "barking" and got all the roosters going crazy. Why is this happening?

Second Story:

We have a silkie hen and she is now bald because of failed mating attempts by roosters. How long until feathers grow back. She has been isolated into a cage and is kinda lonely except the silkie roo we got with her is sticking by the cage side. But, when I took her out to see if it was fine our Red Star Rooster tried mating, I pulled him off. The silkie rooster even tried (A little too late don't you think? I've been trying to encourage him the WHOLE summer!) to mate with her. So, how long until the feathers on her head grow back? I can see the little bump on her head that makes the crest.

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