Nest Box Size

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  1. ametauss

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    Aug 20, 2008
    Shepherdsville, KY
    DH is putting the finishing touches on 8 nesting boxes.

    He made 4 boxes per row

    The inside size is 14"h x 12"W x 12"D He's to install a 2" lip in the front to keep the eggs in...

    Do you guys think this is big enough??

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  2. Pumpkinpup

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    Jul 16, 2008
    North-West Georgia
    I would put a taller lip on them because when you put in nesting material the eggs can still roll out of a 2 inch lip.
  3. cmom

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    Nov 18, 2007
    My Coop
    My nest boxes are the same dimensions as yours except the edge of my nest boxes is 4".

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