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    I need to get going on putting together some nest boxes for my group, I've been noticing some nesting behavior in the bedding inside the coop. I only have one nest box at present, but figure I should have another 2 or 3 more. Post any plans with declensions you have, and pictures would be a plus!!
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    This is what I have been using as a temporary box:


    The girls LOVE them! The downside is that they roost on top and get them all poopy.

    These are some on-the-fly nest boxes that I built:


    Extremely heavy and badly planned, but they work.

    People do it a lot of different ways, but I find that my girls always prefer the privacy of "5 sides" around them. Then, you have to have a "straw guard" to keep the nesting material in. If they are up high, there must be a perch in front of the box so the hen can land there, then step into the nest opening. Other than that, build what you can and see if your hens enjoy it [​IMG] And remember, you only need one box for every 4 hens.
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    We use a simple nest box with three compartments. I put some curtains (in sections for easy entrance/exit) and they seem happy with it. I know they like privacy...who doesn't?[​IMG]

    :) [​IMG]
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    Mar 3, 2012
    I just use a pallet leaned up against the wall inside of the coop


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