Nesting Box with Special History Before & After Pics

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    This nest box belonged to a dear sweet lady named Mrs. Murray who is now passed. She raised chickens down the road from me and I bought my first chicks from her when I was about 10 years old, I am now 42. I still know her grandson and recently we where talking about old times. He mentioned his famliy still needed to get ride of some of her old chicken stuff and he gave this nest box to me. It had old license plates in the bottom that Mrs. Murray used to cover rusted out spots that dated back to the early sixties so I know the box is at least >40 years old.


    I cleaned it up, painted it, repaired the perches and added new plywood floors in each nesting hole.


    I know Mrs. Murray is in heaven and happy to know that her nesting box is back in action and being used today. I am so grateful for this gift and it is a wonderful feeling to know this box came from the sweet lady that started me out raising chickens. I gather eggs each day and smile everytime I pull a fresh egg out of Mrs. Murrays nesting box. I wanted to honor her by sharing this story. Thanks for listening!


    PS: The hens love it! [​IMG]
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    They look awesome... I had a set of those I found in my old barn the girls loved em....
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    That is a really cool story! Thanks for sharing! By the looks of all of those eggs, the hens really do like it![​IMG]
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    Feb 21, 2009
    that is wonderful that you have her nest box. it seems funny to work out that way. she got you started on chickens, you still have them and she's still helping you. that is wonderful. glad the chickens love it!!
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    Now that is the kind of story that just make a person feel happy, thank you.
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    thats just toooooo coooooollll!!!!
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    Land of Lincoln
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    Touching story and Beautiful nest boxes [​IMG]
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    I , too , have an olders persons influence, in my wanting to raise chickens.
    An old man.... Mr Jaques. Had a little farm outside of town here.
    He sold eggs and I got mine from him, till he passed away.
    This week, since I now have new chicks, I asked his son if Mr Jaques had any chicken supplies left in the old coop and told him I would like to buy them, as to have a reminder of how much I thought of his dad.
    So he is hunting up all the feeders and going to show me what he has this weekend.
    I ,too , feel a connection to the old guy when I look at my own chickens and I know he would be proud to know he passed on his love of them to me.
    I also took alll my grandkids to visit him for several years , so they all have memories of his farm, too.
    If I get any cool stuff from his old chicken coop I will post pictures!
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    Mar 12, 2009
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    That is really great!!! You chose a really great color to paint as well.

    Thanks for sharing.

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