Nesting Goose ate one of her egg s!?

I've heard they might do this if they are low on calcium but I couldn't imagine that they would sacrifice a good egg just to get it.
How long is the gestational period of your birds? I'd let her set maybe an extra week before tossing the eggs, just in case they may be slow developers. :confused:
Yesterday Patch the egg eater had her head covered in yolk so I lifted her up to see how many eggs she had eaten and much to my shock there were heaps of newly hatched goslings so I said sorry and quickly reinstated her. !!!woohoo glad I didn't toss the eggs.
I'd candle before tossing.
Gabrielle has now been on the nest for 7 and a half weeks her daughter Patch just hatched her first goslings yesterday and she didn't set till 2 weeks after her mum. I think she Gab may have mated with her son and he only turns 1 in october so he could be firing blanks. What do I look for when I candle ? Does a torch work ?
The best way to candle eggs is with a phone light, a headlamp, a flashlight, or a real egg candler. You will need a pretty strong light to see through the goose egg's thick shell. You will probably need to do it when it is dark outside. Look for a large moving shadow if they are far along, or a small red patch surrounded by veins if they are newer.

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