Neutering Roosters/Drakes?


11 Years
Nov 11, 2008
Murray Kentucky
Ok.... SOMEWHERE I stumbled on information about a surgery you can do to either chickens or ducks (do not recall) to the point of removing their testicles. I can not for the life of me recall where and more importantly what the process was actually called; so Googling is difficult at best. All I can recall is that kits were sold to do it.

That or I'm imagining things and have as such lost my mind.

Anyone have a clue what the heck I'm talking about?
Is a capon a neutered rooster? that may be a place to start. I'm all for neutering cats and dogs, but for some reason a neutered rooster makes me wince. Yet if more roosters were neutered they might live longer lives.
you gave me a great chuckle to see "neutering a roo" LOL I kne exactly wht you were looking for before I opened your thread:)
I have 2 young roos I want to neuter,no you haven't lost your mind.I was at an Avian vet clinic years ago, and there were several Roos there to be done,and more on the way.Owner didn't want them all crowing, and didn't want to get rid of any of them.Me either.I just have 2 that were sexed as chicks as pullets.NOT! they do guarantee, but you are still stuck with them.I got $3 back,and a promise of 2 free more chicks. No thanks, might have 4 roos then.I'm near Cape cod MA,and want to find a vet to do my 2.Caponing is done at a few weeks, mine are now 7 months old.They get along in a small pen,might spar when let out, but I have a Wanted Bantam roo,for my hens and afraid if they get him they will kill him,hurt the few hens I have so I want them neutered,Any Vets near me give me an email

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