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11 Years
May 20, 2008
Chambersburg, Pa.
I posted this in the emergencies section this morning in case anyone had any other suggestions, but thought it might be a good precautionary warning to new chickie owners.

I went to let my chickens out this morning and took a quick peek at the peeps in the brooder.

So glad I took a second look and noticed one of my Mille Fleurs were missing. Took me a couple minutes to find it. Somehow it had gotten itself wedged between the chick feeder and the wall of the brooder. I would never have thought a chick could fit back there, but then again, I've never had chicks as small as these d'Uccles are.

It was cold and barely moving, but still alive! I spent about 15 minutes holding it close under the heat lamp and rubbing it. Then I dipped its beak in water several times and gave it a small drop of Poly-vi-sol. It wasn't moving much though, but I had to go pick up hatching eggs at the post office (which wasn't the greatest timing) and get son on the school bus.

So I put the little chick into a small basket under the brooder light, sprinkled some food on the paper towels and crossed my fingers. When I returned from the post office and got son off to school, the little chick was standing up in the basket, peeping and wide-eyed!!! Half an hour later it was almost back to normal, so I put it back with the others and its walking around pecking and chirping. I almost can't tell which one it was. Whew! Talk about nerve wracking. I sure hope it is going to be ok!!

Update: The little chick is still doing good, I'm not even sure now which one was near death now. I just hope there are no lasting effects. I can't believe it made such a quick turnaround with as lifeless as it was.
* Close call, glad the peep is o.k. and so well.
Oh how scary!! I had a little peep that somehow got caught under the bucket that my hen uses for a nest box. It was such a small area, I didn't even think they would be able to get there. It was daytime, but the chick was only a few days old. I was counting heads, and noticed one was missing...the poor little thing was gone before I found it. What kind of feeders do you have? I have the quart bottle types. Just womdering how it could get behind it. Glad it's ok!!
I have one of those round metal ones you can put a jar on for the tinier ones, but I also had one of those longer red ones from TSC that is attached to a piece of 2x4 the same length to keep it from getting so many shavings in it.

Somehow the longer feeder must have wiggled just far enough from the wall for that little chick to wedge down in there. Might have had the help of a little bit bigger chick stepping on it. A standard chick wouldnt have fit at all, but those d'Uccles are sooo tiny.

It is still alive and kicking today. I think I know which one it is now, its a little calmer than the others and doesn't try to jump out of my hand when I hold it. I hope that one turns out to be a sweet pullet. These are my very first Mille Fleur d'Uccles. I can't wait til they grow up.

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