Never again in June!! Keeping 5 day old chicks cool!


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Nov 9, 2007
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My chicks are now 5 days old. They are in their brooder on our screened porch. Without a heat lamp the brooder temp. is still 90 to 95 during the day. I don't turn the heat light (75W bulb) on until around 8 PM.
By noon the chicks start to get lethargic and I have one silkie that just plain out hates being so hot. He (yes, I'm almost 100% positive it is a male) perks up late in the evenings.
I'm giving them vitamin and electrolyte water every other day.
I can't bring the brooder inside - small house, large brooder, two cats, two dogs.
Beyond putting a fan on them during the day, which I'm very reluctant to do, I don't know of any other way to keep them cool?
Never again will I raise chicks in June!
What about blowing a fan over them, rather than at them? I just brought some new babies home yesterday from Gretchen in MD and it is humid as heck here today. I was thinking about just getting wind moving over them to help with the heat.
I know! I have 15 baby Buttercups in the brooder in the shed beside the has been brutally hot in Fl already...I have a fan on them and I freeze gallon jugs of water that I place in there...they gather around and lean on the jugs as they thaw and it seems to help them...I don't know what else to do...I have 3 adult Dobermans in the house that would eat all of them given opportunity and the dogs are very clever about opening doors and such...the chicks just would not be safe in here...the ice jugs seem to help...

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