Never ending Saturday baseball game


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Anyone else watching Philly vs LA... talk about a change in regular programming.... it's why my DW WON'T watch baseball... not even her son's games.
I can't, DH has Busch racing on. And I don't want to miss another exciting Sat. night on BYC!

ETA- why, is it taking forever?
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Well, since the commish clamped down on steroid abuse, they have to take a break every time someone gets a hit to let them catch their breath..........

Seriously though, tied score extra innings
Not only did the Dodgers win, but last night the game was tired 3-3 and Ethier hit a homer. Tonight 2-2 Ethier hit a homer. TWOFER!!!

Mahonri you KNOW I bleed Dodger blue!

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