Never had chickenstill now!!

Sweet Sunshine

6 Years
Sep 14, 2013
Deep River
My husband and me decided it would be great have chickens, for daughters..... but who knew
We got 10 chickens, that's what happens when you bring two teenagegirlsto help pick them out ! So , I am known as the "Chicken farmer" at work now... I Love them to e aethbutI feel now that I am the"Mother Hen!" That Watford me everyday toletthemout of our 24 by 8 feet coop.Behaves many predators where relive that I have to keep them in thecooptill night, but do Lethem "free range " for 30 min.a night. Mgirl's LOVE stand I am accused or spoil ing them. But they are now laying 6 eggs a day in the box, mind you wehave12 boxes?!? What can I do to get them laying separate boxes?? All in one box?
I am a new "chicken farmer" too but I have read a lot. It's very common for hens to lay in the same box. I don't have as many boxes as you do, but my girls do favor a certain box over the others. And one favors laying her eggs smack dab in the middle of the entire coop. I have no idea why she would prefer it. Maybe the boxes are busy when it's her time. Although I have also seen two hens in the same box next to each other. They are funny little creatures. I wouldn't worry too much about who is laying where though.

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