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Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by Bluegem, Sep 4, 2009.

  1. Bluegem

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    I've only ever kept chickens and ducks before but have recently started keeping turkeys I have a white tom, a buff hen, a bronze tom and 3 bronze hens all named ofcoarse. I just wanted to know if any of you turkey gurus out there have any tips for a begginner.
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    I would like to know also...I have two baby turkeys in my shed right now...didn't plan it so I need to do research now. Can anyone help us!!???
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    Turkeys are awesome ! I just love them and I have only raised them this year and many years ago.

    They seem to be more sensitive than other fowl to certain diseases and living conditions.

    Make sure the poults are eating and drinking well, and are kept warm and dry. Sometimes you have to teach them to eat and drink. Put shiny marbles or stones in with the food and water which will attract them to eat and drink.

    If possible keep them seperated from chickens and other fowl.

    Good luck and Enjoy!
  4. Bluegem

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    Thanks. I'd like to keep them seperate from the other birds but at the moment that isn't possible will they be alright in with the others?

    I've had a lot of people try to tell me that turkeys are aggressive but so far I haven't had a problem with mine I can hand feed them, herd them wherever I want them to go, even go and give them a hug. So am I just lucky and have found some great pets or are turkeys normally aggressive?

    What would be the best way to help prevent diseases is it just a matter of keeping them warm, dry, clean and well fed or is there some other precautions that I can take? Keeping them warm and well fed won't be a problem but dry and clean could be difficult with the fast approaching wet season, if it floods like it did last year the poor things will probably have to perch in trees to keep their feet dry.

    Any ideas for a waterproof turkey house?
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    I am no turkey expert, but I do have a few pet turkeys. Mine so far are not mean in the least. Two are very freindly and 2 are a little skittish and my one hen was quiet and reserved. I have a Tom who I really love, he is such a big pet. He tolerates being carried and he is very heavy. He will follow you around all day long if you are in the yard. I raised my turkey babies with chicks, and they did fine. They still live with them and all roost together. One thing, they will roost in trees if you let them though. They like to be as high up as possible. Had to discourage that a few times. I hate dealing with the mud. We have it here in the spring. It is often knee deep in some places. I think once your turkey gets bigger, it should be fine in the wet and mud, just the poults are more fragile. Of course, you can just let them live in the house, which is what mine want to do [​IMG] just kidding. HenZ
  6. Bluegem

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    Some of my turkeys are full grown but I do have some poults aswell but when the rain comes they can stay in the brooder with the chicks.

    I found that my toms are great for teaching kids not to be afraid of animals. I have 2 little cousins that live on a prawn trawler and have never had a pet so were scared of everything and would scream and cry when my puppies went near them, what kid is scared of a puppy? So I sat them down with storm and cloud (my toms) and they were patting and feeding them in no time, now they cry when they have to go back to the boat. Everyone should have a pet of somekind especially a turkey.
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    Mayberry (really!)
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    Jul 9, 2009
    Our turkeys, chickens, and ducks all live together with no problem so far. They are all free range though so maybe it's only a problem if they are in really cramped conditions or something. I don't really know. I love turkeys. They seem more friendly and curious than the chickens and they love to come up and investigate everything. They especially love to peck at my wedding ring, but it doesn't hurt when they do that. Once the tom pecked a bandaid on my leg pretty hard though, and that did hurt a little. I wouldn't classify them as a dangerous pet though. They're very fun to be around.
  9. Bluegem

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    I love my turkeys and two of my bronze girls (Raindrop and Scruffy) have decided that they want to be mothers. They've been seperated out from the rest of the flock and are quite happy with their private quarters.

    They are very curious aren't they? If I go out with a bucket or container of any kind my white tom Cloud chases me around the yard until he finds out what I've got.

    I've been incubating eggs and get a great hatch rate with chickens but not with turkeys, out of a dozen eggs I'll be lucky to get 2 or 3 poults, is this normal or is there a knack to hatching turkeys that I just don't have?
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