Never knew it was so hard to type with a dog lying n your chest...

zsazsa chick

9 Years
Oct 11, 2010
The funny farm
I'm trying very hard to not make too many mistakes bcuz my little papillon pup is sleeping on me...ugh. She's so cute tho so I don't wanna move her! Zzzzzzzzzz...
Trust me, I know your "pain." I have two miniature dachshunds. They want in my lap all the time. One will get BEHIND me in the chair, like a heated massager because he wags his tail. The other is in my lap, with his head rested in the crook of my elbow, so typing is very difficult. And then there is the Himalayan (cat) who drapes himself over my left shoulder with his paws down my left arm... occasionally reaching for the keyboard.
if you think that is difficult you ought to try typing with a chicken on your lap. a chicken who believes that she is a better typist than you. not an easy task . . .
then again, maybe you ought to let them give it a shot. you might have a budding writer on your hands there.

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