never laying..


May 16, 2015
South Tampa, Florida

I have this Black copper Maran and I believe she is about a year old because I got her on December and she was supposed to start laying among with other which they started on January.

I've been waiting for dark brown egg from her but she still haven't laid anything yet.. is there anything I can do? Other hens are laying like every day.
Her comb says she has either been already laying for a while or will soon.

You don't want to hear this, but be prepared for the possibility that some of the previous eggs were actually hers especially if no dark eggs show up for a good while or you get three brown eggs on the same day.
It is clearly her bEva use I had other Maran few months ago who laid egg beautifully until my dog killed two chicken including Maran and there was about two month until I got barrel rock but in those two months, I only saw blue egg everyday. How can you tell if they have been laying? Her legs are pretty smooth, also her vent is big and oval.

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