Never Seen Chick Poop or Drink, Eats Occasionally, Just Stands There


Aug 19, 2021
I have 14 baby chicks and all but one of them seem to be very healthy and lively.

This one chick just stands there all day and seems really tired / out of it. I've never seen her poop or drink water. I've seen her eat occasionally, but she doesn't really go at it like the other ones. I've given her water by hand with a syringe and she drinks like crazy. Is it possible that a chick doesn't understand how to eat and drink? When she is in my hand she eats/drinks like crazy, but in the pen she just stands there.

I've never seen her lay down either. Could it be that she is so tired from not laying down that she can't eat or drink?

Here is a video of her:


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Have you dipped the tip of her beak in water so she knows where it is?

If you can get some Poultry Nutri-Drench, I'd dilute that according to bottle directions and direct dose that to the chick instead of just plain water, to hopefully help perk it up and give it a boost of energy.

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