NEVER underestimate a blind dog

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    So today I'm sitting on the couch waiting for the laundry to dry for the next load reading and I hear barking, LOTS of barking. Thinking Tesla and Gus were playing and it's not time for the neighbors to get home from work I let it go, then I heard Schroeder doing his alarm 'howl'... I go out back and the dogs are all on the back fence barking. "ENOUGH, IN." and the stampede moves across the back yard into the laundry room where I proceed to put Curie in her crate and tell Sally to get in hers. I don't see her go for the opened door. Look around and she's not there. Look outside, no Sally. I start to panic. She's blind and my neighbors shoot first yell later. Run through the back yard and see a massive tunnel under the fence into my neighbor's perfectly manicured back yard. Don't see or hear Sally through the fence. No 'marco' calls from her. The next thing I know is I'm running down the street to the neighbor's front door, her car isn't there yet, no one answers the door. Her side gate on my side is closed and locked, but the other one is open, I rush back hoping she didn't escape and find Sally lounging on her back porch.

    She refuses to leave, I had to haul her 55 lbs up and carry her myself half a block back to my house and put her in the crate. Then I go to repair the hole, it looks good on the neighbor's side but like a massive crater on ours. I start digging and hit the 2' fence we embedded to keep this from happening. Sally dug through it, not around but through!!!! Granted it was just 4 layers of chicken wire but she dug THROUGH it where I couldn't shovel through it [​IMG] Tonight when hubby gets home we will be unrolling the 4x4 welded wire fencing we just scrounged Monday along that fence. And hoping she can't dig through that [​IMG]

    Never underestimate a blind dog. EVER.

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