new 11 wk cochins- they are TERRIFIED of me

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    Hello everyone,

    I got 3 little full sized partridge cochins this past Monday and they are completely adorable. -Although I strongly suspect one is a bantam roo even though I said I didn't want roosters or bantams, but oh well, I really don't mind. [​IMG] It's been 4 days now and they act like I'm going to murder them every time I get near. I've had to handle them a few times and they just SCREAM, not to mention trying their best to get away.

    Now I totally understand it's a new place and I need to be patient and let them get used to me and the new surroundings but I would think by the 4th day they would at least be curious when I offer them a treat or something and not assume I'm going to do something terrible to them. I've spent lots of quiet time with them this week and brought many, many treats but they won't even look if I try to give them something nice to eat. I've only raised chickens from chicks so this is my first time to buy "older" birds (even though 11 weeks isn't that old.)

    Does this behavior seem odd to anyone and do you have anything I might try to get them more comfortable? I got cochins because of how incredibly friendly they're supposed to be- I hope these guys come around eventually.

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    I think they are acting like typical teenagers... which is what they are at 11 weeks.

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