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    I ordered 50 assorted chicks from Meyer Hatchery in Ohio. 25 Brown Layer Asst, 25 Rare Layer Asst, plus 2 meal makers. They are coming NEXT WEEK!! Time flies, I ordered them Feb 1st thinking I would have plenty of time. I'm not pressed for time but didn't realize how fast the weeks go by. My husband has converted part of the garden (the part that has been in the shade for the last 6 years) into a new chicken run. Taken on Feb 24th- partial framing done on the run [​IMG] Framing complete with door, wire was put up during the wonderful warm weekend [​IMG] Run is 10'x24', the shelter is going at the far end [​IMG] Here is the 3 season shelter for the chicks, they will go in here after they are all feathered out. It is 4'x8' with a 2' opening in the center for access inside and protection from wind and rain. It is built with 2"x4"s and plywood mostly covered with a thick tarp. The front portion is painted with indoor/outdoor paint. [​IMG] Right side of the shelter with 2 roosts 4' long [​IMG] Left side with 2 more 4' long roosts [​IMG] The 2' section in the middle will be where the water and food will be kept. There will also be a light with a timer on it in the middle. We have converted 1/3 of an old shed for a permanant coop for our layers and their rooster, Any suggestions are welcomed, I'd rather learn from others than try to figure it out myself.
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    It looks great!

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    More pictures. Finished shelter in place. My DH put rope lights inside for the chickens. They will have straw as bedding. [​IMG] Planted rye grass late fall in preparation for this new shelter and run. Growing well and will be ready for the chicks when they are fully feathered! [​IMG]
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    Planted a mulberry tree in the run, chickens will like that in a couple years [​IMG]

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