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Discussion in 'Other Pets & Livestock' started by snugglepup, Jul 4, 2008.

  1. snugglepup

    snugglepup Songster

    Apr 15, 2007
    Creedmoor, NC
    You know how sometimes dogs just sorta happen to you... when you had no intention of adding another pet whatsoever?

    Well, one happened to me, and fortunately she's great! [​IMG]

    Her name is Vodka, she's a 3 month old Belgian Malinois. Unbelievable bloodlines, very social, TONS of drive.


  2. Chirpy

    Chirpy Balderdash

    May 24, 2007
    I love Belgian Malinois! She's absolutely adorable - love that face. Congrats!
  3. suenrob

    suenrob Songster

    Jan 22, 2008
    Ft. Myers, FL
    AAAWWWWW she looks really sweet!!!! Congrats on your new addition.
  4. Crunchie

    Crunchie Brook Valley Farm

    Mar 1, 2007
    That is one seriously beautiful dog. Congrats!!
  5. Bec

    Bec THE Delaware Blue Hen

    Wow!! She is beautiful!!! They are very intelligent dogs!! Congratulations!!! What a sweetie pie!!
  6. Wolf-Kim

    Wolf-Kim Songster

    Jan 25, 2008

    Make sure to give that "drive" an outlet or it will very quickly become a bad thing. LOL

    I'm dealing with a working German Shepherd that was locked in a cage at a puppy mill for the first few years of his life. Talk about pent-up and repressed drive!! This sucker will bring you everything in the yard from cinderblock to automobile tires if you don't have him constantly doing something!!

    Make sure to get to work on that training right away!

    She has very intelligent eyes, even through photographs.

  7. I know what you mean about dogs just kina happening, this is the second dog that has happened. I say "mom, can we just bring it home to play with for awhile?" of course when she sees the pathetic little dogs dying for attention, she cant say no! This one is a labradoodle (lab/poodle one of the new 'designer' dogs) from the animal shelter, of course. Shes our newest livestock gardian (ferocious looking, I know!) her name is 'puppy' till i can think of something.

  8. snugglepup

    snugglepup Songster

    Apr 15, 2007
    Creedmoor, NC
    Not to worry, Kim. [​IMG]

    My other two belgians train and compete in obedience and protection (among other sports). Or at least 1 does now, my old girl just retired... her last trial was in April and she was SMOKIN' with first places both days. So a good trial to go out on. I was going to take it easy for another year or so and just show/trial my young male who's coming 2 but looking pretty awesome and scoring well in the ring already.

    BUT... this pup's breeder was bound and determined I co-own her with him. I kept saying, no no, it's bad timing. And finally he offered to ship her to me, and pay to ship her back if I didn't like her... well come on... her name is Vodka, OF COURSE she has to live here!

    We've already gotten her started in bitework and tracking and she is INTENSE!
  9. Katy

    Katy Flock Mistress

    Oh my gosh...I love those ears!!!
  10. Keisha

    Keisha Songster

    Apr 27, 2007
    oh gosh shes adorable! congrats on the new pup!

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