New Addition to the Family Farm

urban escapee

8 Years
Jul 14, 2011
Alvin, TX
Went out to feed the goats this morning. As usual they all ran to the gate as I filled the bucket, they always crowd around like their starving, but alas they are fat as ticks. Tripping over them to get to one of the troughs, I splash the feed in and move on to the next, splash and go. I head over to the partially build goat shed and get ready to pour more feed in another pan, when I look up I had to stop dead in my tracks.
I was greeted with the new face below, all I could do was stand there and smile and say “Well, HELLO!!”

Momma gave birth in the unfinished stall, so I had to move the baby and momma to the safe one and get her set up for a day of rain. LOL we thought we had another week to work on the barn.

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I love baby goats so much!! If only I had room for a couple...
Thank you all. I was as tickled as I could be this morning. I am still in Awe of her :)

Her name is Eve for being the first born of our herd. Based on her birthdate, her momma was preggers when we got her and she looks to be part nubian, for which I am even more glad. I have been angling for a nubian for the goat milking opportunities.
How incredibly cute!
What an awesome way to start your morning! ...Although if you're anything like me, that would have been the end to the day, I wouldn't be able to keep myself away

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