New additions to the Big Kid coop


12 Years
May 11, 2009
Kentucky, Cecilia
Ok so I have some teenage chicks. Roosters and hens probably. I have them currently in a little fenced in area inside the coop. They are still a bit small for going outside unless I am there. We have so many hawks and dozens of vultures I just know something will grab them. Anywho so they will not stay in their fenced in area. Its a tall fence. They fly as much as they can and climb the rest of the way. I have been fighting this for a couple weeks and I am ready to give up. The roo( who is a beautiful PIMA and is a bit mean) does chase them which is the only reason I keep the fence area up but they spend more time out than in at this point. Is it time to let them join the flock? I can lock up the Roo since he is getting on my last nerve anyway. He would be on my dinner table if I did not want babies from him this fall. Is it too soon to let them be with the hens. Would they be safer with the roo in there at night. He hasn't hurt any, just chases a little bit. If they have their own roosts I think they might be fine.

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