New and a question-girls first night in thier coop!


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Apr 27, 2010
Hi, I have a question. My for 8 week old girls spent their first night in the coop last night. We gave them a little light, but need to get thet on a timer. Anyway, they would not come out this morning until I coaxed them. I got them to come down off the roost and then they were eating and I went back in the house. half an hour later I went out and lured them out of the henhouse. We are keeping their food up in the henhouse, and water both in the house and in the run. The henhouse is on stilts and they have to go up a ramp to get in. I guess my question is how lnog befor the "get it" and will go in and out for food, and will "want" to come out in the mornings? Otherwise we are having a great time with them! Thanks in advance!



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Give them a few days, a week maybe, and they'll figure it out. Chickens don't like change of any kind and have to come around to it in their own time.


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Hello! I usually have to put mine back inside the coop in the evenings for about five days, then they figure it out on their own.


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My kids always do that when first brought out to the Banty Shanty (transitional housing). The other young birds (used to being out there) all go running out like clowns from a little car when I open it in the morning, but it takes the new kids a solid week to really want to come out.

If I were you, I'd ignore them and let their comfort and curiosity lead them- they'll get it and learn to come out to play, until one day in a few weeks you'll come out and they'll be at the door grumbling, "It took you FOREVER this morning, Where were you!!?"
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