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    May 20, 2016
    All we have left is building the inside of our coop. This is our first time owning chickens,and I am looking for suggestions from people with more experience then I have. The coop is 4x6, one 6ft wall with nothing on it, one 6ft wall with a door that is 2ft wide(so about 4ft working space) both 4ft walls have Windows about 3ft up. I am trying to decide best placement for roosts, nesting boxes, and food and water, while saving as much space as possible. I have done a lot of reading on this site but wanted to see what tips I can get.
    Thank you
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    Welcome. Come on in!! You've come to the right place. The people here will share everything they know to assist you.

    One guy here uses a piece of plywood with notches in it, nailed to the wall, to move the roosts higher as the chickens get older. I am gonna do something similar but, I'm gonna run the plywood on an angle so that some chickens will be able to roost on a lower perch and not get pooped on.

    Build your nest boxes hanging onto the outside the actual coop with a lid that opens from the outside.

    For food I have the typical PVC pipe feeder that can be filled from outside the coop and run.

    Minnesota!! You're gonna have to give some serious thought to insulation, maybe heat?

    A really nice coop just makes you feel great. Just look at the amount of effort some people put into their coops here. And, everyone else enjoys it with you!!!

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