New and need advice on sick chick, please.


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I have a 10 week old cornish rock that seemed fine last night but this morning is not acting right. Not interested in food, water or me touching her, which usually upsets her. I had to pull out from under the stairs, she does not want to move. When I did move her, to get a better look, her stool was white clearish and runny. She is just sitting nest to the water bowl I put in-front of her and she just tips it over. She feels a tad warm.

Can anyone give me any advice on what to do or what this is?? Please!

Now i did introduce her to apple yesterday - I cut them into 1/4" cubes - they pecked at them, but just wanted to banana (which she loves until today). Other then that oatmeal as a treat. Free ranging in fenced yard - I have pebbly soil so no grit has been added. I live on a rock! And organic feed - since day one. Fresh water and all the insects they can eat.

Do I need to remove my other chicks from her area?? I have 4 pullets and 2 (unexpected Roos).
Thank you
Yes, I cored the apple and only cut about 1/2 of it up into 1/4' cubes, I did not skin it though.
She was just sitting a breathing heavy. I just lightly misted her and she liked it - usually she runs and clucks - with water and she is now drinking. She has now gotten to her feet and seems stable and I made her walk.

It has been 5 minutes now of her just drinking....I have 3 waters 1 in coop 2 in yard...they have access to all three - so I don't know what gives???
Maybe she got to hot? I am in Texas but it's only 79 degrees so far with a high expected later today of 93...
she is still standing and drinking.

She was an unexpected surprise along with the roos. Not that I am going to eat her, but what age is prime for eating? In reading, maybe I am feeding her too much? They all have access to feed 24/7. I did not realize they will stuff themselves. Cause she eats like no tomorrow.
Still hasn't touched the feed or the bananas that I put out at time of discovering her?

I'm new at this and only expected egg chicks, now I have 1 cornish and 2 roos. From what I read you left feed out 24/7. Now I'm confused. Do you leave feed out all the time or not. They are all on the chick starter at 10 weeks. Was fixing to switch to egg layer feed when they finished this bag later this week early next?

Sorry I know another newbie with a life play by play - just nervous and very concerned about getting my chickens set up right and being a good mommie so to speak.

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