New at chickening- Coop Help needed

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  1. Im TOTALLY new at chickening and everything related. I now I have 33 eggs in the incubator and hubby and I are planning on building the coop this weekend. Thing is, we have no idea how to start. I have UNLIMITED amount of room for them. any help please?
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    Go to the very top of the page here and you'll see a link for "Coop Design". It actually takes you to a place where Nifty has carefully collected plans with photos offered up by the good folks here. The sections are divided into small, medium, and large coops.

    Just start clicking away until you find what you want.

    It's hard to know what size since you don't know how many eggs will hatch, but nobody has ever wished for a smaller coop. [​IMG] I say build the biggest one you're capable of.

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