New at this Please help me!!

Discussion in 'Incubating & Hatching Eggs' started by Farmerswife, May 15, 2010.

  1. Farmerswife

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    May 15, 2010
    I am new at this and I am in desperate need of help.
    On April 28th and 29th I started incubating 10 chicken eggs and 1 guinea egg. I dated and marked the eggs and I have been turning them at least 2 or 3 times a day. Last night I decided to candle the eggs, now it has been 15 and 16 days in the incubator, on the guinea egg there is a dark circle in the center of the egg, and when I turn the egg the dark circle moves, I have never done this before and I have no idea what it means, on the chicken eggs that I candeled some of them I can see the yoke, and some of them there is just a large dark mass, I never saw any spider veins. What does all this mean? does anyone know? can anyone help me? I hope I haven't screwed anything up! btw all my eggs are of the same rooster a barred rock and my hens are all different, black and gold sex link and some other kind I am unsure of, but all the eggs are brown. Tonight I also added 13 new eggs to the incubator.
    I should also mention that we have had some issues with the temp inside the bator and also lost power one day for 5 hours.
    Any help would be greatly appricated, please email any responses to [email protected]

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    I'm not extremely experienced at candling eggs, but i'll lend you what little i know and count on someone smarter than myself to correct me if i have come to the wrong conclusions.

    I think it's a little harder to see the spider veins in a brown egg. Also, i think there would be fewer spider veins visible this late in the incubation.

    The dark mass should hopefully be the the developed chick, though i'm not sure if the smaller mass you saw moving around in one of them is a little too small for this late in the incubation.

    I would certainly hold out hope that they are developing just fine. Only a little longer. [​IMG]
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    Essh a staggering hatch!

    Well is the guinea egg a large dark circle at one end or is it like a ring?
    I couldnt see ANYTHING in my guinea eggs till almost 2 weeks so you should be able to tell by now [​IMG]
    It sounds good for you

    Im also doing brown chicken eggs and I have a hard time seeing the veins. I have to go into a dark room and wait for my eyes to adjust then close my eyes when I turn the flashlight on and put the egg to it.

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