New at this! What kind and sex?


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May 18, 2011
I got these chick about 6 weeks ago at the local hardware store, I'm thinking I have 2 roos and 3 hens and they are white leghorns. Anyone think differently?

All of them:

Roo #1 in question:

Roo #2:

Side shoot of #2:

Roo #1 and one of the girls (Atleast thats what I believe!):

I'm almost positive on #1 but unsure about #2 as he/she has just started developing a larger comb than the others and it isnt super bright red but # 1 and #2 "puff" up and jump around if they get too close together and if they get seperated when out free ranging there is usually one with each of these but they are never together.

This is them the day we got them. They went from being yellow to all white, and are very skidish, they wont even come up to eat when I re-fill until I have closed the door and moved out of the way.
Thanks! I was so excited about getting them I forgot to ask if they knew what kind they were! I tried to get a picture of the ones I think are girls but they are so hard to catch! But the "girls" have virtually no comb what so ever and don't act like these to do. Guess I will be looking for new homes for them as I can't have roosters
But I will be getting a few more from a hatchery to replace them!

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