New Aussie chook chaser in Pennsylvania


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Apr 23, 2013
G'day folks,

We welcomed 4 chicks home last night ... 1 Araucana/Easter Egger, 2 Buff Rocks, 1 Barred Rock, all girls - at least we think!
They settled in well to a brooder in a 40 gallon tote box in our dining room. My kids (7 & 8) are thrilled to bits!

We've got 5 weeks to build the coop I guess!! Space is cleared at least :) We are in a suburban neighborhood, so they won't be free range :( But I'll throw lots of garden goodies in their coop/run :)

Threw a couple of lettuce shreds and some (de-seeded) apple cores in the brooder this morning and they were already pecking at them. Ordering red wigglers to start worm composting - are these OK for chickens to eat? I see lots of threads on mealworms, but not so much worms, though I haven't scoured BYC forums yet!!

When they grow, I plan on composting their manured straw and/or making liquid fertilizer for our veggie garden - had experience at this on an agricultural exchange many years ago ... best fertilizer ever!! We have 5 compost bins so we should be good to go :)

So excited to start this long-dreamed adventure ... and let our kids experience the magic :) My new motto is "every kid should experience raising chickens."

Can't wait to buy our dream home on an acreage and free range a big flock!

Have a great day!

Sandii :)


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Mar 26, 2011
Upper Peninsula Michigan
Hi and welcome to BYC from northern Michigan

Your chicks will outgrow the tub much quicker than 6 week, they grow very quickly.

Think of your chicks like babies - you should limit the food they eat to just their chick food for the first few weeks, then as their digestive tract matures start adding in small amounts of new foods.

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