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    Mar 29, 2009
    Just got back from farm swap and bought a new in box HDD 56S automatic Incubator. I can't figure out how to adjust humidity or is it automatic alss?? Instruction book not very good. I have used the manual type (styrofoam) and had great success so this is all new plus I'm trying Quail eggs for the first time.
    Any suggestions /help would be appreaciated
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    Hello....Have you tried Google?.....Might be more info on that incubator there?.....
    Also look on here....Sally Sunshine has info on incubators........

    Good luck....

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    Feb 2, 2009
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    I found this statement on a website, link included.

    Fill one or both water channels depending on local humidity levels.

    I did not see any good photos of the bottom but it sounds like they have two water reservoirs. That doesn’t give you a lot of precision in your humidity adjustment, but it’s what you have to work with. The way you adjust humidity is to control surface area. Water depth in a reservoir doesn’t matter, other than how fast it runs dry. The more surface you have for water to evaporate from, the higher the humidity. The less wet surface area the lower the humidity.

    Some tricks to raise humidity, other than filling the second reservoir, is to set containers of water in there. Another popular method is to put a cloth partially in the reservoir so it wicks moisture out and wets the cloth, giving more wet area for water to evaporate from.

    To lower humidity try covering part of the reservoir with something, aluminum foil is popular, to reduce the surface area.

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