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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by snewman, Feb 18, 2009.

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    Last year was my first year with chicks. I had very good survival and didn't lose any. My question is about adding new chicks this year. Last year the brooder was brand new, the coop was brand new, there had never been another bird in the place. This year will be a little different, as I'll be adding new birds to an existing flock. I will, of course, have cleaned out the brooder, and will try to clean the coop shortly before moving the partially grown chicks into it to join the existing group, but is disease going to be a bigger problem this time around? My current birds seem to be free of disease, but could be carrying something that doesn't bother them but could kill younger, weaker birds. Is there anything healthwise I should know about moving new birds into the existing group? I don't need behavioral solutions right now, I'll deal with those issues as they come up [​IMG]
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    As long as you bring in new babies or hatch them, they will gain immunities to your current flock and be just fine. The big risk and need for quarentine comes when bringing in adult birds. So don't worry!

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