New babies and mail order together??


10 Years
Apr 2, 2009
Lake Luzerne, NY
Good morning, My faithful hen Lola hatched 8 chicks late yesterday! She was not sucessful the first batch(sat 24 days, nothing) She was so intent that I slipped another 8 eggs under her (after removing the bad ones) and she has been on the nest for a total of 44 days(getting off to eat and drink only) Finally her reward is here!
Since I didn't know if she would hold on for the second 3 weeks I ordered on line, 15 minimum order chicks. The will arrive in minutes to my post office~ Can I slip them in with her brand new brood? Should I wait until tonight? How about a few every few hours and see if shes goes for it? How many could a Buff Orp Mom handle at once. OR should I just raise them myself?? lots of questions, thanks for any info or related discussion. So much going on~ Whew

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