new babies are home now..

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by toredano, Apr 29, 2009.

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    Apr 26, 2009
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    I got my babies today.. well not really small ones.. they seem to be around a month old or so.. ( in all this exitement I forgot what age they where. maybe a month or so. I got 3 hens and a roo. They are Buff Orpingtons. They seem to like theyr new home so far. And they are going nuts for the big mosquito catchers that are breeding right now. What is a suprise to me is that they have been handled very little but dont mind beeing petted and picked to much.They seem really docile.
    I will take some pics tomorow after they wake up..I totaly forgot to take some after we got home.
    I am rerally exited over this. This will be my new hobby and allthough we dont really eat eggs we still be exited once they maybe lay 1 or 2.
    My cats are afraid of these birds like they seen the devil. My dog was trying to give them her ball thru the wire.Guess she thought if we didnt throw it they would. She got a little peck on the nose from the roo and she cocked her head . Was too funny.[​IMG]

    I still am leery of her with them of course. She sat there and just watched them for 10 minutes and wasnt sure what to make of them yet. One of the hens I was holding pooped and she rolled in the poop. She has a bad habbit of rolling anything stinky. She hated getting a bath but yet rolls in anything dead or decaying. Nasty dog she is .. lol

    I am sure alot of you guys have Orpingtons ..Is there anything special they are in need of or prone to diseases that some other breeds aree not? I know from breeding dogs some breeds are prone to different things more than others .I am just trying to cover my bases here,
    Ohh and when does the rooster start crowing at 5 am? I have a score to settle with my father in law;)

    Will post pics tomorow..
    Nite all [​IMG]
    update.. early morning picture

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    I 'love' BO's they are the sweetest and most gentle I think.. and they make really great mothers! One of the Few breeds of chicken that still go broody! as for your roo crowing at 5 am, dont be surprised if he dont.. lol.. Mine dont start crowing till around noon.. or maybe, i just dont realize it because I dont wake up till noon myself! haha!

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