New babies coming on Friday So a few questions*IMPORANT*


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My main one is we live in west Texas it is already starting to get pretty warm here. Heres the thing Me and my fiancee pretty much hang out in the bedroom, no kids around anymore, So we dont air condition any of the other rooms in the house. We planned on keeping them in a box for a week or two, iN the living room, Then move them to the kiddie pool,Question is Can they get too hot??? I am super worried about this.We have everything under the sun ready and waiting for our little guys...and girls. I just want to do everything right, First time mommy here.My fiancee rolled his eyes when I said I wanted to give them bottled water. I have baby chick itis. I cant shut up. lol please help


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Oct 9, 2013
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Alright yes chicks can overheat if you let them but a wet towel
can fix the problem and no direct wind from a fan ....

Try giving them a hard boiled egg with the shall removed
and mashed then served this should help them get over
the pane of their travels .......


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Sep 4, 2013
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Unless it's waaaay hotter in your house than outside in the chicken pen I wouldn't worry about it as long as they have plenty of feed & water. Probably won't even need a light on them either. During the summer my just hatched chicks lay around outside in 105* temps and pant just like the big chickens do.

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