New babies-diarrhea?

Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Araylee, Mar 7, 2011.

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    Mar 13, 2010
    We just got our very first ever chickens on Saturday-an assortment of 6 little cuties. One of them is squirting out brown liquid that looks a little like melted chocolate. I'm thinking this isn't normal but wondering a) what caused it and b) what to do about it! Headed to the feed store to pick up an Easter Egger today. (Just one more...right? Unless there's a marans or barnevelder, in which case...well, it's gonna be more than one!) So I can pick up meds or whatnot if necessary. The chick that we believe is squirty still has a clean bottom and isn't acting sick, so I'm not terrified for her health. Yet. Also, I'm not feeding medicated feed.

    We ended up getting a blue silkie bantam, a buff orpington, a partridge rock, a white crested black polish, a silver Wyandotte and a barred rock. And later today, an easter egger. [​IMG]
    One of the little buggers I'm convinced is a roo. Every time I put my hand in the brooder the little bugger stretches out his neck, and pecks me. It also terrorizes the other chicks, pecking everybody it happens to sneak up on. I think it's the partridge rock? Unless they have a reputation for being obnoxious little crappers, then I guess it may be a she... I picked all of them because I liked the way they look, and kind of ignored the eggs per day and personality questions, LOL! I have trouble telling between the rocks and the silver Wyandotte-anybody have pictures? I think the two rocks were straight run...what do I look for as they get bigger WRT rooster-ish traits?

    Right now we have them in a kiddie pool that is around 10" tall I think. Clearly, that won't work for long. If I buy 24" x 1" chicken wire and wrap it around the sides, will that contain them? For how long? There is still hideous snow on the ground outside, though temps are warming up to the mid 40's during the day. I'm hoping for an early spring, but if not, what do you all put your larger 4-6 week babies in?

    Also, is it too late to get them to like me? I think we got them around 5 days old, and when we put our hands in the brooder and try to catch them they run screaming. The silkie just peeps and peeps when you catch her, it's pathetic!

    I have to say, my hubby was very anti-chicken. And now he'll come down with me to sit and stare at chickies being hysterical. And he wants to get a couple dozen meat chickens, because around our house it's Go Big or GO HOME!

    yay for chickens and yay for this website!! I've been on here reading the chicken forum for two years it's my turn![​IMG]
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    Mar 21, 2010

    Welcome to the world of will never be the same again! [​IMG]

    First of all, the brown poo could be a "special" kind of poo that stays in the intestine a little longer ans is only pushed out every 8 or so times. Very normal, but if it is just from one chick, it could be something else.

    Can't help much on the identities, have different breeds, but the EE's are a lot of fun!

    I don't think it is too late to get them to like you! We bribed ours with meal worms and hard boiled eggs. I would just sit down at the open door to the brooder (ours was a large crate) and put a meal worm (you can get then dried in the bird food department or live at a pet or bait store) or an egg crumble in the palm of my hand. Then I would say "here chick chick" and wait. The first time it took a couple of minutes for one to come over and discover the treat, but after that, they came running. Now they are grown...and they still run to us every time they see us! [​IMG]

    Have fun and good luck!
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    Oct 10, 2010
    Grand Blanc, MI
    Here is a link dedicated to the many kinds of normal poo that chickens can make.

    far as getting them to like you, we got our first 2 chicks at 2 weeks old. At 3 weeks, we started giving them grit and treats. They love mealworms, scratch, scrambled eggs... They figure out really quick who brings the food!
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    Mar 13, 2010
    [​IMG] And I thought baby human poo was crazy in variety of "normal!" I think it's the every-8-poo's kind of poo-we thought it was one chick but didn't see her poo again and again, just once w/ a few more around the bedding. Yay!
    Picked up one light chipmunky looking easter egger and one silver seabright banty. [​IMG]" It's just one extra...right honey? Right? Honey? You still love me don't you???" They are day-olds and I'm hoping I will have a chance to cuddle them when hubby gets home, get them used to being handled. So much easier to pick up!!

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