New babies! Do I seperate them from the others?


11 Years
Sep 9, 2008
I have 4 other silkie hens and one rooster. I didn't want any more, but thought I would let Jamie have one time to be a mother since there were only 2 eggs. Yesterday she had 2 little ones. Is it ok to keep her with the other hens and chickens or do I need to seperate them both for their safety and to insure the babies get food and water? New to this thing. Thought I had it all worked out. Thanks for your help!
I usually just use something to fence off a corner of the coop, so that they are on ground level and the rest of the flock can't get to them. Mother hens are usually VERY protective of their babies. Separating them just lets the hen concentrate on her chicks without having to fend off the rest of the flock. The other chickens usually like to eat the baby food also. Just make sure mom & chicks have a nesting area and a little room to roam so she can teach them how to scratch around, etc. You'll have fun watching them; I let my hen hatch one egg, wish now I'd let her have more, except I'd probably have even more roosters than I do now!
Depends on how protective the mom hen is, and how agressive the other chooks are, how much room is in the coop, or if you have an area that is good to move them to etc.. I built a little roof with 4 chunks of 2x4 that can have chick starter under it that the hens can't get to. It has to be heavy enough that the hens can't shove it over... they'll try!

I think for the next batch of chicks, I'll make a box that has chick sized doors cut into it so they can get in and out of it. That also gives them a place to escape from any pecky hens if mom gets too far away.

It all depends on your situation.
Thanks so much! Will the rooster get aggressive toward the little ones and how long do I need to watch them before introducing them to the others if I keep the apart?
Rooster doesn't -USUALLY- care one way or another in my experience, he's got other things on his mind. It's the top hen who may give the most trouble. Not sure about other people, I'll be watching to see what others say!
Hey! You guys are great for taking the time to help a novice and all the others. I have always gone to this site for questions. Keep up the good work. You are appreciated.

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