New babies... ID and advice.


7 Years
Jul 16, 2015
Central FL
I picked up four goslings today. Just got them home an hour or so ago. I was looking for Pilgrims, and was told that there were 3, and one 'other'. I've been wanting Pilgrims for a while and had no luck in my area, so I jumped on them.
Once I went to pick them up there appeared to be a pair of Pilgrims that have been down picked(and look a bit thin, but then... I've never seen a gosling sans down), and two oddballs, that are supposed to be a male and a female(I'm not holding my breath).
First... what to do for the babies showing skin. No actual skin damage is evident, just naked of down.
Second... I'm positive the smaller/lighter colored baby is a white Chinese, but the big one I'm not so confident about. Emden is my guess. It is just huge next to the other 3.
I have them in the shower with the light on this evening because I felt they could really use some feed and water. Yeah, It's kind of a mess in no time at all of course.



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Lord have mercy... the big one has got to be an embden... I've never seen anything grow so fast!
I took a look and the embden is a boy... the white chinese appears to be a girl. So I guess I'll use them for a meat cross as I'm not keen on keeping lots of them around.
My primary focus is the Pilgrims... and I'm hoping they turn out with decent color. I can't seem to find any available that aren't from hatchery stock unfortunately, and will be messaging a couple of breeders about pairs or trios next season. Good breeder stock seems shamefully hard to come by.

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