NEW BABIES!!!! now with pics of new chickies!!!

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  1. I got lots of new babies at my house! 3 new baby goats...all girls, bringing my grand total for this year to 7 girl babies, 1 boy AND this mourning I found Juliette, my EGB who had gone missing...what did she have in tow? 5 itty bitty fuzz butts!!!!!!!!!!!!
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
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    Nothing like baby animals to brighten the world [​IMG] !! Congrats
  3. Thanx!! here are the new goat babies...I didn't have a chance to take pixx of the new chicks yet
    this is sugar, her mommy is a nubian, she was born 8/2

    this is twixie, her mommy is boer/nubian, she was born 7/26

    and this is munchkin, she is part pygmy(pygmy male jumped my fence) and her mommy is part oberhasli. she was born 7/22
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    cute baby goat pix, & cute assistant. I couldn't help but LOL at the goats standing on the roof or deck in the background of the picture... now where are the pix of the fuzzybutts? [​IMG]
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  5. I will add them tomorrow! I was out the door on my way to work when I found them, and didnt have time to snap a pic! yes, that is my back porch...they cannot resist the back porch!! and the assistant is my baby boy!
  6. ok, here are the new chickies with their momma Juliette. I haven't named them yet cuz I can't tell them apart!!



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    Aaaah- how dare you torture me like that? [​IMG]
    I can't WAIT for kids again. I still have about 6 months to go! [​IMG] Getting my nubian buck next month..
    Cute pictures!!
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    how cool! I have a hen missing and i am rather sure she is sitting on eggs someplace!! I hope not to many her ee sister had 17 eggs under her i found yesterday. Glad everyone is safe and sound
  9. Thanx everyone! Goatkeepers, I know how you feel! it seemed like I waited forever for these babies!!! All babies are doing well...the little peepers follow mom around everywhere, and it's kinda funny, but the 3 goat moms who had the babies actually watch each others little ones. It's like one mom is designated the mommy for the day, and all the kids stay with her, they play and tumble while the other 2 moms are out gorging themselves. The next day one of the other 2 take over....I have never seen that, even with moms who were related...these 3 are not related at all!! weird, but cool [​IMG]

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