New Babies

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    Feb 28, 2012
    Our little banty had insisted on sitting a few eggs. She was sitting one and I gave her 4 more to go with it. Here is the strange combinations: 1 Banty egg and 4 Australorps. My only 2 roosters are a Black Copper Marans and a Black Ameracauna. This should be interesting. The first chick hatched last night. It looks just like a BCM chick (I think) I will post some pictures this evening as I am trying not to bother her very much. She makes alot of noise, but that is about it. I think the other eggs are pipping. My DH is making me a brooder box for them all to go into this evening as she has been sitting in a cook pot (lol, will post that later, too) I wish it was not the middle of winter, but I do like new babies and we have not had any since April. That is how old my little flock is. Here's hoping for the best.

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